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Recycled Promotional Items
Promos Oct 17, 2023

Whether you're planning to order for your staff or for your customers (or both!), choosing recycled merchandise is a great way to align your business with eco-aware values and add a sense of mindfulness to your marketing efforts.

Our range of recycled merchandise has been steadily expanding in recent times, with our most popular items of 2023 so far including our Recycled Notepad & Pen Sets, Recycled Calico Ball pens and Recycled 5oz Cotton Tote Bags.
Recycled Promotional Items: What Materials Are Involved?

Our recycled merchandise items are either entirely or partially made from recycled materials and we'll always clearly state this information on our product listing pages.

The most commonly used materials used across our range include:

  • Recycled cotton: used in items such as our Recycled 5oz Cotton Tote Bags
  • Recycled plastic: used in giveaways like our Recycled ID Card Holders
  • Recycled paper: used in products like these Recycled Paper Seed Pockets
  • Recycled polyester: used in merchandise like our Recycled Polyester Knitted Beanies
  • Recycled aluminum: used in products like our Eco Aluminum Bottled Water

And that's just the start - we also have products made from recycled PET, recycled tyres and even recycled CD cases!

Recycled merchandise: 4 things you need to know

While we're on the subject of all things recycled, we thought we'd address a few common concerns that we've heard...

Myth #1: recycled promotional items can't be customised in the same way as 'regular' products. Our range of recycled items can be branded using all the usual methods. Available options vary from item to item, with the most popular including printing, engraving and embroidery.

Myth #2: recycled merchandise won't last as long. False! Many recycled materials are produced to a high-quality standard and, as such, products are usually just as long-lasting and durable as their non-recycled equivalents.

Myth #3: merchandise can't be recycled. Actually, many of our items can be recycled post-use (including non-recycled products!). We'll always clearly state information regarding how a product can be recycled when it's fulfilled its purpose and this can make a great talking point with your staff and customers. If you specifically want to order products that can be recycled post-use, take a look at our Recyclable Promotional Products.

Myth #4: recycled promotional items cost more. This isn't always the case. We're constantly working to ensure that we can offer our customers the best possible prices and also pride ourselves on our completely transparent everything-included pricing. This means you can compare prices between a recycled item and its non-recycled equivalent with ease, allowing you to decide which option best fits your budget. If you need advice on the best products to match your marketing budget, just let us know.

Without further ado, browse our full range of recycled promotional items and explore some of our favourites below.

Recycled Biodegradable Plastic Keyrings

What qualifies this product as recycled? These keyrings are made from 100% recycled plastic, sourced from post-consumer plastic waste.

Our Recycled Biodegradable Plastic Keyrings are a great option if you're looking for a keyring that boasts eco creds in bucketloads and high-impact branding potential. With their generous full colour print area, these keyrings can be printed on one or both sides with your design.

These Recycled Biodegradable Plastic Keyrings will offer your brand a subtle daily dose of visibility every time your customers reach for their keys.

Americano Recycled 350ml Mugs

What qualifies this product as recycled? These travel mugs are made from 100% recycled PP plastic.

Ready to order from just 50 units, our Americano Recycled 350ml Mugs are the perfect way to make that morning cuppa a bit more eco-minded. Whether your recipients take them into their favourite coffee shops or use them to make drinks in the office, they instantly cut the need for single-use paper coffee cups.

Choose from a wide range of mug colours, with your logo printed in up to four colours.

Fast Track rPET Lanyards 20mm

What qualifies this product as recycled? These quick-delivery lanyards are made from recycled rPET (a type of clear recycled plastic).

Need lanyards, ASAP? Our Fast Track rPET Lanyards 20mm are a great choice for adding an eco-conscious edge to your occasion, whether you're ordering for a corporate conference or to freshen up staff members' security passes.

New Hide A5 Super Soft Cover Notebook

What qualifies this product as recycled? These notebooks are filled with recycled paper.

These recycled notebooks can be debossed, foil blocked or printed with your logo for unmissable brand assertion with every use. 
These notebooks are great for stocking up on and distributing at events or handing out to staff in-house, adding a smart touch to desks and customer meetings alike.