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A leading provider of bespoke promotional gifts tailored to elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression. Based in the heart of East Africa, we specialize in creating personalized and high-quality promotional products that resonate with your target audience. Presence in : Kenya | Uganda | Rwanda | South Sudan Services : Promos | Events | Web Design | Software Development

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+254 703 755 288

Packaging and presentation can make all the difference to the way your brand is perceived and this new addition to our branding division will allow you to create a personalized gifting experience and leave a lasting impression with a wide selection of fully customizable gift boxes and gift bags.


Watch Custom Packaging come to life in this highly engaging video and let your imagination run wild with all the possibilities.

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Custom Packaging FAQ's

Q: What is the colour of the box?

A: Our custom gift boxes are available in 6 sizes with the following colour options:

  • Matte white on the outside with a matte natural colour on the inside
  • Matte natural colour on the outside and on the inside

Q: What will my branding look like on the white surface in comparison to the natural colour surface?

A: The branding on the white surface will be more vivid in comparison to the branding on the natural colour surface as we do not print the colour white in this process. Although your print will be more vivid on the white side, you should not expect bright and vibrant colours on either side, due to the matte finish of the box.

Q: Can the machine print white ink?

A: The machine does not print white ink, therefore when your artwork includes white, this area will not be printed and will show the white colour of the box instead. White cannot be branded on the natural colour surface of the inside of the box.

Q: In what format will I receive my printed box?

A: Standard / standalone boxes will be supplied flat packed and will need to be assembled by you. Custom gift boxes that come pre-sold with a drinkware item, will be supplied assembled with the drinkware item inside. Provided you have ordered a code that is on our system that includes a bottle or mug with a custom designed box.

Q: If I purchase a product and a custom box separately, will the box be assembled, and the items packed inside the box for me?

A: No, for products ordered individually, you will receive the items and you will receive a flat packed box separately, which you can then assemble as you wish.

Q: What type of ink does the machine print with?

A: The machine uses water-based inks. These types of inks absorb into the material of the gift boxes and gift bags, thus allowing the ink to bond to the material being printed on.

Q: If I order a custom box with a product, will my artwork look the same when branded on both items?

A: We do not match colours across different branding methods, therefore when branding items with different textures and different branding methods, the colour of the artwork will appear different.

Q: What can I expect the colour of my branding to look like on a custom gift box and gift bag?

A: Due to the nature of this printing process and the matte finish of the custom gift boxes and bags, we cannot guarantee a 100% colour match and the colours will appear slightly duller than the artwork supplied.

Q: What will my print look like after the flat box is branded and then folded?

A: If your artwork stretches across the fold lines, we cannot guarantee that thick prints will flow seamlessly across the fold lines.

Q: If I print multiple gift boxes, will all the artworks be exactly the same?

A: Due to the nature of these products, slight variations may occur in their sizes thus resulting in slight variations of their print positions.

Q: Can I expect any imperfections in the artwork printed on the gift box of gift bag?

A: The ink absorbs into the box and due to the nature of this product, any imperfections that can be found on the box prior to branding, will carry through into the print. With this in mind, solid print artwork is more likely to emphasise any imperfections on the box.

Q: What do I need to consider when supplying my artwork?

A: The quality and resolution of your artwork is directly related to the quality of the print. The artwork supplied must be a minimum of 300dpi. Pantone colour matching cannot be achieved as the machine prints in CMYK.

Q: How do I submit my artwork?

A: Artwork should be submitted on the provided template which can be found on the website.

Q: What size and resolution artwork can the machine print.

A: The machine can print up to 1600 x 1600dpi. With a max print width of 120cm for gift boxes.

The machine can print up to 1200 x 1200dpi. With a max print width of 28cm for gift bags.

Q: Will my print be matte or glossy?

A: The texture of the boxes and bags are matte, therefore your print will also have a matte finish.

Q: Would fine hairlines that are printed be considered a reject?

A: Due to the nature of the print head technology, fine hairlines may be visible in the print on occasion, this will not be considered a reject.

Q: What parts of the gift box can be printed?

A: We brand the entire visible area of the box that can be seen once assembled. With this in mind, the bottom of the box and box flaps that get tucked in cannot be branded. The inside section of the lid (excluding the flaps) can also be printed.

Q: What happens if the printed box comes in contact with water or liquid?

A: The boxes and gift bags are uncoated and are therefore not waterproof. If a printed box or bag comes in contact with water, this will smudge and damage the print.

Q: Will my print go all the way from edge to edge on the gift box or bag?

A: Artwork will not print to the edge of the following sections:

  • The bottom edge of the front flap on the gift box

  • The inside lid at the top edge on the gift box

  • Around all edges of the gift bags

This is due to the printing process and how the machine detects the box or the bag before it starts printing. You can expect an unprinted area on these sections between 1mm-3mm.

Q: What colours can be printed on the box?

A: Only CMYK colours can be printed.