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A leading provider of bespoke promotional gifts tailored to elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression. Based in the heart of East Africa, we specialize in creating personalized and high-quality promotional products that resonate with your target audience. Presence in : Kenya | Uganda | Rwanda | South Sudan Services : Promos | Events | Web Design | Software Development

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Roadster Vehicle Emergency Kit
Roadster Vehicle Emergency Kit SKU: GIFT-9898
KSH 10,776
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Safe-Travels Mobile Mate
Safe-Travels Mobile Mate SKU: TECH-4870
KSH 989
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Circuit USB Car Charger
Circuit USB Car Charger SKU: TECH-4212
KSH 319
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Altitude Obi Car Phone Mount
Altitude Obi Car Phone Mount SKU: MT-AL-377-B
KSH 535
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Nova Torch Keyholder
Nova Torch Keyholder SKU: KH-7400
KSH 299
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Lucent Torch Keyholder
Lucent Torch Keyholder SKU: KH-7018
KSH 246
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Stac 3-In-1 Digital Gauge
Stac 3-In-1 Digital Gauge SKU: TOOL-9950
KSH 3,161
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Stac Multi-Function Torch
Stac Multi-Function Torch SKU: GIFT-17317
KSH 3,605
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911 Emergency Light
911 Emergency Light SKU: TOOL-9603
KSH 2,832
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Drive-Time Cargo Organiser
Drive-Time Cargo Organiser SKU: GIFT-9565
KSH 7,006
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